The Perth Freight Transport Network Plan will identify the principal road, rail, port and intermodal centres which form the strategic component of Perth freight transport network to which other freight corridors and freight centres, including local government roads, connect. The Plan will provide guidance and a coordinated approach to the ongoing integration and development of the future freight transport network for metropolitan Perth to 2031.

The Plan has five key focus areas including:

  • Metropolitan port growth plans including Inner and Outer Harbour transition arrangements
  • Integrated infrastructure and non-infrastructure solutions that will facilitate the movement of more of Perth’s future freight task by rail
  • Planning and development priorities to increase the capacity, geographic reach and viability of Perth’s intermodal terminal network
  • A metropolitan-wide road freight network development strategy to 2031 that will define the strategic freight corridors of the future, including the heavy vehicle access regime and road investment priorities to support network capacity to 2031. This road freight network vision will be jurisdictional neutral and cut across both local and state roads
  • Integrated land use and transport planning measures needed to protect freight transport infrastructure and manage freight impacts on the community

The Plan is being developed by the Department of Transport in conjunction with portfolio partners and the Fremantle Ports Authority with input from Brookfield Rail.