20 January, 2014

West Australian Premier Colin Barnett has announced his intention to proceed with legislation of the Kwinana Industry Buffer zone.

The Kwinana Industrial Area buffer is set to become protected under strict State legislation after Premier Colin Barnett visited the region recently.

The buffer surrounds the Western Trade Coast (WTC) that runs from Munster to Rockingham that generates about $14.7 billion each year. Currently, it is only protected by policy.

In it is some of the State’s heaviest industry including the BP Refinery, Alcoa Refinery and BHP Billiton Nickelwest.

WTCIC chairman and South Metropolitan Region MLC Phil Edman said legislating the buffer would guarantee the future of the State’s “largest and most important industrial area” along with the welfare of residents nearby.

“The Premier’s announcement will encourage businesses in the area to invest in their operations safe in the knowledge there is a clear and agreed industry zone to stop urban encroachment and protect both the welfare of the community and longevity of industry,” he said.

An enshrined buffer would allow industry to invest knowing their operations are safe from advancing urban areas.