01 December, 2014

An extensive flora and fauna relocation process is underway at two of LandCorp’s industrial developments – Rockingham Industry Zone and Crossroads Industrial in Forrestdale. 

LandCorp was supported in this initiative by environmental consultants Replants.com and PGV Environmental, who successfully relocated a vast number of flora and fauna from the two sites ahead of the next phase of site works at these estates.  

Replants.com Managing Director Bruce Abbott said more than 1,200 fauna, spanning 27 different species, were relocated from the two estates.

“Retention of natural vegetation and the relocation of native fauna is extremely important to ensure the sustainability of our environment when developing land, so we are extremely pleased to be working with LandCorp on this project,” Mr Abbott said.

LandCorp chief executive Frank Marra said the delivery of sustainable development is a key focus.

“LandCorp is committed to a ‘best practice’ approach to effectively protect and manage environments across all of our projects,” he said.

The fauna and flora relocation process precedes further development at the two key estates helping to ensure the availability of industrial land to cater for Perth’s continuing population growth.

The relocated fauna includes 19 different reptile species such as snakes, lizards and skinks; four amphibian species; three bird species; and the Southern Brown Bandicoot.  These were released into the conservation areas of each estate.

Mr Abbott said a major grass tree relocation process from the Rockingham Industry Zone was also in progress.

“We have relocated 350 grass trees to the nearby median strip on Patterson Road, and have at least an additional 1,000 to go, which will be relocated within the estate.  More trees will be moved to community and private gardens in the local area,” he said.

Rockingham Industry Zone The 1,150ha Rockingham Industry Zone caters for a wide range of business types and industries, including general/heavy industrial, light industrial and service commercial uses.  Once developed, Rockingham Industry Zone is expected to be home to more than 60 businesses and provide up to 2,000 jobs. 

Ideally positioned to access regional road transport networks, Rockingham Industry Zone is at the centre of one of Australia's fastest growing regions, the Western Trade Coast. This region includes Latitude 32 Industry Zone, Kwinana Industrial Area and the world-class Australian Marine Complex at Henderson.

Crossroads Industrial Crossroads Industrial is the first estate in the south east corridor to be developed as a part of the State Government’s Economic and Employment Lands Strategy, and is part of the broader Forrestdale Business Park, which is expected to host 300 businesses when fully developed, providing over 4,000 jobs for the local community.

The first stage of works commenced recently with 14 lots already under offer. A further 10 lots remain available, ranging in size from 2,300 sqm to 4,209 sqm. Titles will be available from May 2015 following the completion of Stage 1 works. 

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