CSBP is a significant manufacturer and supplier of chemicals, fertilisers and related services to the mining, minerals processing, industrial and agricultural sectors in Australia and overseas.

CSBP has its major chemical and fertiliser production complex in the Western Trade Coast where about 600 employees are located, with more than half living in the Kwinana-Rockingham area.

At Kwinana, CSBP operates a 250,000 tonnes per annum ammonia plant for the production of fertilisers and downstream chemicals. It also operates a 520,000tpa ammonium nitrate production facility, which is due to be expanded to 780,000tpa, as well as a 60,000tpa sodium cyanide production facility. It also manufactures, imports and distributes an extensive range of phosphate, nitrogen and potassium based fertilisers.

Chief executive officer, Chemicals – Wesfarmers Chemicals, Energy & Fertiliser, Ian Hansen said the integrated industrial area at Western Trade Coast lent itself to synergies and economies of scale which assisted businesses to improve, grow and share opportunities.

One synergy example was CSBP piping ammonia to BHP Billiton’s nickel refinery and then buying back sulphate of ammonia for fertiliser production.