The Western Trade Coast (WTC) is designed to cater for the highest calibre industries operating at the leading edge of their field and supplying both local and international markets.

The WTC is ideally positioned to trade with significant markets across the country as well as in Asia, the Indian Ocean region and beyond, providing businesses the opportunity to access markets in new and growing regions on the world stage. In addition to its physical location, Perth shares its time zone with many Asian countries, making it easy to access Asian markets during business hours.

Western Australia’s sophisticated and profitable economy is Australia’s strongest, consistently outperforming the nation’s growth. Open and dynamic, it is an economy built on strong international investment and trade, with a distinguished track record in the development of large, technically advanced mineral and petroleum processing projects.

The Western Australian coast holds the majority of the nation’s oil reserves and is the largest producing basin for natural gas. Liquefied Natural Gas (LNG) is the fastest growing energy sector and Australia is the world’s fifth largest LNG exporter, supplying primarily to Japan, China, Taiwan, South Korea and India. As a result, Western Australia is becoming an international centre for oil and gas excellence, alongside Houston and Aberdeen.