The availability of affordable land in close proximity to Perth and with access to major port, road and rail arteries makes the WTC an ideal transport hub with many companies operating from the area.

The Rockingham Industry Zone includes the Co-operative Bulk Handling grain terminal. This is the trans-shipment point for a large part of the huge wheat crop of the state. Co-operative Bulk Handling Limited is ranked 135 out of the top 2000 companies in Australia.

CBH's Grain Operations group receives, handles, stores and ships grain here and across its 200 receival points across Western Australia where grain deliveries are weighed and graded.

The Outer Harbour of Fremantle Port, about 22km to the south at Kwinana, is one of Australia’s major bulk cargo ports handling grain, petroleum, liquid petroleum gas, alumina, mineral sands, fertilisers, coal, sulphur, iron ore and other bulk commodities.

Latitude 32 is being considered as a location for a new sea/road/rail intermodal terminal and logistics industries supporting the new Kwinana Port.

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