The Western Trade Coast (WTC) is home to many large industries which continually require support services for ongoing operations, regular and major maintenance and capital upgrades.

Results from a recent independent survey indicate the large scale of support services required for capital expenditure alone, with the industries that responded advising $1.71 billion of approved capital expenditure over the next 5 years.

Mid and smaller sized businesses also source and supply services, alot of which is from other WTC industries.

The independent survey also identified 158 supplier/customer transactions between the 27 major industries within the WTC. The true figure for all WTC industrustries would be significantly higher than this, however the 158 major transactions identified here makes the WTC the likely world leader as an industrial ecology.

The AMC Support Industry Precinct has more than 150 specialist businesses alone with operations ranging from manufacturing and design through to support of the marine, defence, oil and gas and resource industries.

Location, ease of access and affordability, are the key features benefits. The close proximity of the Support Precinct to the Maritime Precinct, Fabrication Precinct and Common User Facility at the Australian Marine Complex provides real opportunities and synergies for companies keen to locate close to major customers.

The Precinct is home to some of the world's best design, support and service companies including seating specialist Beurteaux and industrial gas supplier Air Liquide.

Approved Industrial Purpose design guidelines are in place protecting and providing security for businesses operating across a broad range of activities, from paint and plastic extrusion to the manufacture of propellers.

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