Australian Marine Complex

The Australian Marine Complex (AMC) in Henderson is a world-class centre of excellence for manufacturing, fabrication, assembly, service and repair for the marine, defence and resource industries.

Located at Henderson, 23km south of Perth, the AMC has been developed to enhance the opportunity created by the clustering of industries and has become Australia’s leading marine industrial estate.

The AMC incorporates four key precincts:

1. Common User Facility
The Common User Facility (CUF) provides companies with an internationally competitive fabrication and marine support complex. The CUF’s 40 hectare laydown area provides ample space for the modular assembly and testing of major plant infrastructure and components.

The facility’s Main Fabrication Hall provides an 80 metre x 60 metre x 42 metre state-of-the-art fabrication hall with 200 tonne portal crane and two auxiliary cranes for an all-weather work environment. Four wharves, one equipped with a 300 tonne crane, offer loadout capability and cost-effective sea transportation direct to site.

2. Maritime
This precinct is principally for the marine industry such as construction and repair of commercial vessels and for other ancillary manufacturing, engineering, repair, refurbishment and other maritime requirements. The precinct supplies more than 50 per cent of Australia’s commercial ships and has enabled Western Australia to become a global leader in the construction of high speed lightweight vessels.

The AMC also provides a major marine support services base for WA’s world scale offshore oil and gas platforms.

3. Fabrication
This precinct which incorporates the Common User Facility contains companies engaged in the provision of value-adding activities to the marine, defence, oil, gas and resource sectors. Companies in the precinct include steel fabricators, manufacturers, service providers and other WA companies that use the CUF to fabricate, assemble and load out modular components or structures. This precinct also includes a subsea cluster of dedicated subsea technology that supports the offshore oil and gas sector.

4. Technology
This precinct is dedicated to fostering innovation, entrepreneurship and growth within the marine, defence, oil and gas and resource technology sectors. This includes areas focused towards acamemic research, industry and other organisations which help foster strategic networks for the Western Trade Coast. It includes the AMC Jakovich Centre and the ACEPT (Australian Centre for Energy Process Training) learning facility.

5. Support
The AMC Support Precinct is home to more than 150 specialist businesses that provide essential goods and services to the AMC and to markets worldwide. Activities range from manufacturing and design through to services in support of the marine, defence, oil and gas industries.

The AMC has established international credentials for the repair, maintenance and construction of naval and commercial vessels, as well as infrastructure for the fabrication and assembly of offshore oil and gas modules.

For more information visit the Australian Marine Complex website.